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Transports of Barcelona

(*) This tourist service normally runs the whole year, except the 25th of December and the 1st of January. The buses run from 05h30 to 22h30 and multi-ride tickets can be bought from Information Kiosks in the Plaza Catalunya and Metro Stations. Every bus stop displays a bus route map.

(*) Taxis will not take more than 4 passengers and charge extra for baggage. There is a minimum charge and all taxis are on a meter system. If you need a taxi, you can ask at the Reception Desk to call it at the time you wish.


Information about driving conditions

You must carry your driving licence plus one other form of identification at all times. Also carry the insurance policy and car documents at all times.
- Seat belts are compulsory at all times (rear seat belts also where fitted).
- Children must travel in rear seats.
- Right of Way belongs to main roads. In all other cases traffic coming from the right has priority.
- Parking - most towns have parking areas denoted by a white P on a blue background.
- You can also park in blue painted parking  spots on the street (you have to pay for a ticket and put it inside your car )
- Motorways - Tolls are payable on the majority of motorways-credit cards are accepted.
- Tunnels - Low beems must be used in tunnels.
- Driving offences - Fines for a traffic offence are payable on the spot. These can be particulary heavy for speeding and omitting to use seat belts. Police must give a receipt for the amount of fine paid.
- Drinking & Driving - Spanish laws provide for on the spot fines or imprisonment if the offence is serious.
- Do not leave anything of value in view when the car is left unattended.
- Maximum speed limits - Built -up areas 50km, Main roads 100km, Motorways 120km.

What to do in a car breakdown situation?

If you have any problems with your rental car, you should immediately telephone the  rental car company.
If it is a minor problem they will ask you to take the car to a local garage, pay for the repair, keep the receipt and they will refund the money when the car is returned.


What to do in a car accident situation?

Obtain the car registration number, the name of the insurance company and policy number, driver's name, address and, if Spanish, the driver's national identification number or, in the case of a foreigner, passport number. You must give the other driver your name, address, car registration number, the document number of the rental contract, name and address of the rental company and your passport number.
You should notify the car rental company within 24 hours of the incident. If the damage is minor, they will ask you to make a full report when you return the car.

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